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The dissertation
This is the dissertation website of Miguel Escobar. This dissertation was completed in 2014 and examined in 2015 at the Theatre Studies Programme of the National University of Singapore. It was awarded the Wang Gungwu Medal and Prize for the best dissertation in Humanities and Social Sciences (2015).
Videos & Translations
All the videos in this website are part of the Contemporary Wayang Archive, which I developed during my PhD as part of the MOE Funded Project "Relocating Intercultural Theatre" at NUS (MOE2008-T2-1-110). All the subtitles in the videos were translated by me from Javanese and Indonesian.
Programming and Design
I also did all the design and coding for this website, which runs on PhP, Python and JavaScript. I rellied heavily on external JavaScript libraries such as jQuery, Raphaƫl (for the interactive diagrams), jQuery Custom Content Scroller and JLAYOUT for the bringing the different segments into one visual framework.

I developed many of the materials for this website on my own, I am heavily indebted to all the people who made this project possible, please see the acknowledgements page.